LifeGroups are diverse small groups of like-minded people who are drawn together for a common purpose.

Some meet in homes, coffee shops, and some at the Ridgewood campus. Whether they talk over the weekend message, study a topic together, or serve in the community together, the groups take part in a shared, mutual interest.

One thing is for sure: LifeGroups are perhaps the best place to form strong relationships with other followers of Christ. 


  • Decide what type of group you are looking for so you'll have the best chance of connecting with people.

  • Find groups that are a good fit: Search online or pick up information about individual groups.

  • Visit a group! Keep in mind that visiting a group doesn't mean you're committed to it, so if the first group you try doesn't fit, that's fine - just give another one a try!

Check all of our LifeGroups here:

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